• The most collaborative environment, at every level, that you will find; 
  • Official IB professional development during first few months of employment; 
  • A small, modern and colourful school where teachers are highly respected as professionals and afforded a good degree of autonomy to teach in a creative and exciting way; 
  • A beautiful part of the world, close to the buzzing city of Milan and the Italian lakes.



Monza is Lombardy’s “second city” and is perhaps most famous for hosting the annual Italian Grand Prix within its walled park, the largest in Europe. It is a small city with plenty of green spaces as well as rich cultural heritage. Many of its 120,000 inhabitants chose it for its international outlook, affordable accommodation and quick rail access to the fashionable and buzzing city of Milan, as well as the world-renowned Italian lakes.



Confirmed positions of employment are advertised on our school's TES jobs page. For positions beginning in September, we typically advertise in December to April of the preceding academic year.

We are always happy to receive speculative CVs from qualified teachers and teaching assistants as substitute opportunities often become available. If you feel you have the qualities to join our exceptional team of highly collaborative educators, please complete the application form for such opportunities.




The following our quotes from our 2019/20 staff engagement survey:

"I feel very fortunate to work in a school like ISMonza. There is a positive work environment here and the management and leadership (Principal/Coordinators) are very supportive."

  “I found in this school an amazing welcoming, support and senior management that gave me the strength I needed to work with enthusiasm, motivation and great pleasure, making me to love my job even more, and for that I need to thank you all. I want to thank you also for giving me the chance of being part of the ISMonza team, which I find to be a real privilege.”

"Students are happy to be in school since there are a lot of experiences. The atmosphere in school is lovely."

"I feel positive about the school and have always been committed to it. There is always room for improvement but the school has made very big strides in the last 5 years. There is a definite spirit of working towards excellence."

"I am very happy and proud to work at ISM."

"I'm proud to teach in a great learning environment."

"You can really feel the community spirit around the whole school (teaching/non teaching staff, parents, students). Great place to grow professionally surrounded by so many experienced people ready to help you out and give you advice."

"I have only been here a few weeks but I am really enjoying working here. I really like the programme and enjoy working collaboratively with the friendly staff here."

"Teachers and students work together to achieve common goals."

"I have just started but I enjoy the work and the work environment."

"This is a very special place to work...we're a school that creates a lot of buy-in from me (and virtually all other stakeholders as well) and I think that's because I invest so much into what's going on here (and again, I think we all do). That makes it easy every day to come in and truly want to do everything I can do to make our school even better today than it was yesterday...it's easy to be motivated to be part of a team such as ours."