Leadership Team


Iain Sachdev                                                                                        School Principal

 “As the only fully authorised International Baccalaureate school in the area, we endeavour to implement the IB programmes exactly as they were intended, with education being driven by an inquiry-based and highly experiential and collaborative approach. We live and breathe our Core Values on a daily basis and are forever breaking the boundaries of the traditional classroom thanks, above all, to a team of highly skilled, dynamic and committed professionals whom I am honoured to call my colleagues. Our educational model prepares students for success in life and not only success in school.”


Gaëlle D'Inca                                                                                Deputy Principal Secondary & IBMYP Coordinator

 “Through a challenging curriculum and innovative inquiry-based lessons, we provide the best possible preparation for the next stage of education by helping our students develop into ethically driven members of the global community who are empowered to make the world a better place.”



Becky Taylor                                                                                Deputy Principal Primary & IBPYP Coordinator

 “We encourage our students to wonder and question the world around them, constantly making connections between their learning at school and their life experiences.  They learn to actively pursue their questions and wonderings, seeking out information from a range of sources and approach their learning with specifically developed skills. Students learn to learn while developing attitudes and attributes that help them to become life-long learners.”


Joe Cope                                                                                           IBDP Coordinator

"Our highly qualified teachers work intensely, in small class environments, to give our students a custom education, earning admission to the world’s leading universities.  Our students learn to focus not only on what they know, but most importantly what they can do with what they know. We are building motivated problem solvers; collaborators; creative, critical, and responsible thinkers; sustainers; risk-takers; caring and respectful people, ready to spread their positivity and hope for a continually better world."