Leadership Team


Iain Sachdev | School Principal

“As the only fully authorised International Baccalaureate school in the area, we endeavour to implement the IB programmes exactly as they were intended, with education being driven by an inquiry-based and highly experiential and collaborative approach. We live and breathe our Core Values on a daily basis and are forever breaking the boundaries of the traditional classroom thanks, above all, to a team of highly skilled, dynamic and committed professionals whom I am honoured to call my colleagues. Our educational model prepares students for success in life and not only success in school.”


Gaëlle D'Inca | Deputy Principal Secondary & DP Coordinator

“We truly embrace multiculturalism and promote it as an important value that enables students and staff to increase their intercultural understanding and international-mindedness. Our highly qualified teachers work intensely, in small class environments and innovative laboratories, to ensure individual attention and personalize learning to meet the needs of all our students. We very much see the DP as a bridge to university and, to this end, we facilitate not only access to – but success at – leading universities in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and beyond. DP learners are encouraged to strive to reach their potential and the faculty achieve this by providing a caring environment where each student becomes a unique and valued member of the school, and can focus on both their learning and their wellbeing. The IB Approaches to Learning enable students to become effective 21st-century learners who think critically and creatively, are great collaborators and impressive communicators, and can develop as successful leaders. We aim to educate ethically-driven members of our local and global communities thanks to our CAS projects (Creativity, Activity, Service) so our students are empowered to be positive drivers of change in the world. We strongly believe in positive relationships between home and school and encourage our parents to fully engage in the learning journey of their children.”


Becky Taylor | Deputy Principal Primary & PYP Coordinator

“Our experienced staff from a variety of backgrounds and experiences provide a stimulating and challenging international learning environment for our primary students, building on their previous knowledge and taking them forward on their learning journey. Collaboration is a key aspect in the success of our learning community, where the relationship with families, students and teachers is nurtured and valued. We take advantage of our dynamic learning environment as well as the community and resources around us to enhance and deepen our students’ learning experiences and encourage them to wonder and question the world around them, constantly making connections between their learning at school and their life experiences.  As IB students, children learn to acquire information from a range of sources and approach their learning with specifically developed skills that help them to become life-long learners. As IB teachers, we too continue on our learning journey as we adapt and develop our skills  and approaches to teaching to the needs of our students and our circumstances in our ever-changing world.”


Vicki Mole | MYP Coordinator

“The MYP offers a highly challenging and future-focused education rooted in inquiry based learning. The teaching team at ISMonza bring their classrooms to life by providing exciting concept-driven experiences where students must solve problems that are relevant to the world today. The curriculum is extremely rigorous and develops lifelong skills that are critical for success beyond school years. In particular, the community project and personal project give students the opportunity to develop as well-rounded, mature and responsible citizens of the world.”


Anna Cavasassi | Reggio-Inspired Early Years Coordinator

“Our learning journey starts with a rich, safe and stimulating environment that reflects the image of the child. In line with the Reggio-Inspired approach we consider the child as relational, competent, curious and subject to rights. Every day we strive to encourage and support our children’s natural right to social interaction and to promote a culture of playful learning where elements of choice, respect, wonder, beauty and delight are carefully composed in order to help our young learners blossom at their own pace.”