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What does 'inclusive school' mean and when can a school call itself inclusive? Is it right to think in terms of diversity or is it better to talk about uniqueness? What is the role of technology in breaking down borders and promoting inclusion? What should be the pillars for training tomorrow's teachers today? We have tried to answer these and many other questions through our new series "Education Next", 3 online podcasts dedicated to the world of education, with a focus on inclusion and technology. The initiative was produced in collaboration with the prestigious magazine WIRED Italia, since 2009 a must-read for those seeking innovation in all fields.


The series is divided into three episodes: three interviews conducted by science journalist Gianluca Dotti, where as many guests reflect on the world of education, in light of the profound global changes we are experiencing. 

The first two podcasts feature two important experts in the field: Professor Fabio Bocci, holder of the chair of Didactics and Special Pedagogy at the University of Roma Tre and author of numerous publications on the subject of inclusive didactics, and Massimo Temporelli, a physicist in education who has been involved in the dissemination of scientific and technological culture for more than twenty years.

The conclusive podcast is led by a very authoritative voice from within Inspired group: Chiara Traversi, director of the International School of Bergamo, an institute she co-founded in 2011 with the aim of offering the city an international education pathway for its students, from infancy to graduation. Today, Chiara Traversi also plays an active role within a number of institutional associations in the area. In particular, she is a member of the Education Commission of Confindustria Bergamo and an advisor within the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce and the Pro Universitate Bergomensi Association. 

You can listen to our three podcasts on the dedicated page of Wired Italia online