IB Diploma Results

ISMonza is extremely proud of its 2021 graduates and their fantastic results in this year’s IB diploma, which included a top score of 45/45 (achieved by only 1 in every 200 students worldwide).

Our students’ average score of 36.1 points helped ensure access to leading universities in no fewer than 9 different countries, with several students also earning scholarships.

IB Diploma results


Licenza Media

ISMonza maintains its excellent track record of Terza Media results. Congratulations to our eighteen Grade 9 candidates!



Licenza Elementare

Superb Quinta Elementare results yet again with 100% pass rate and 70% of students receiving the top award of “advanced” for the oral component under the new grading structure. Congratulazioni ragazzi!



ISA results

Outperforming international school benchmarks yet again! The average scores in reading, writing and mathematics attained by ISMonza students exceeded all international school benchmarks, even those with significantly higher percentages of English mother-tongue students.