School admissions

The International School of Monza serves a diverse community of students and their families from a range of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. We offer a broad based education which uses English as the main language of teaching and learning and which aims to promote international mindedness and global citizenship. Our Core Values, as well as the standards and practices of the International Baccalaureate (IB), guide every feature of our educational provision. The school is fully authorised by the IB to offer its Primary Years Programme (Pre-kindergarten to Grade 6 / ages 2 to 11), Middle Years Programme (Grade 7 to Grade 11 / ages 11 to 16) and Diploma Programmes (Grade 12 to Grade 13 / ages 16-18). Furthermore, in Early Years (Kindergarten, Transition and Grade 1), we draw Reggio-Inspired plays a central role to our curriculum model.

Our admissions policy is articulated to encourage the maintenance of diversity in our student body, as well as to ensure that students who are admitted to ISM can benefit from our educational provision throughout the continuum of IB education. Our policy and procedures are designed to identify these students in order to help parents and the school make the best choices in line with the individual needs of each student.

Students can be admitted to the school at any time of the academic year (with the exception of students joining the IB Diploma Programme in Grades 12 and 13) and decisions are primarily based on a student’s prior school record (where appropriate) and a personal interview in which students and their families can demonstrate a commitment to the Core Values of the school.